The England football team have had great success on and off the pitch so far. This isn’t down to luck, this is down to good preparation with well thought out plans in place. The leadership of Gareth Southgate has been exemplary throughout the tournament, and he has won over many people who thought that he wasn’t up to it. Win or lose on Saturday and Southgate and England are already winners…but I am certain that we will progress to the semis and beyond.

The foundations for this success were put in place some time ago by the FA, and Southgate has put his own stamp on the team and has led by example. His own values and his obvious decency shine through, and his leadership at this tournament has been first class.

Every time after a game, Southgate talks about the team around them, not just the players. All of this remind me of Clive Woodward back in 2003, and look what happened there.

There are obvious parallels in business that can be drawn – a good strategy, strong leadership by example, everyone in the team knows what they are supposed to be doing. The England team are together, and that is why, this time round it feels right – they could just go on and do it!

In business you need a strategy, you need to be able to deliver that strategy and you need the tools to be able to do that. Getting the right people in place is key, as is the ability to deliver your message to your staff (or players) and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

This is where the role of HRM (Human Resource Management) can play a big part in your organisation.  Organisations are comprised of people, and those people have to be managed. This is what HRMis all about, the effective management of people in such a way that they help the organisation achieve it’s objectives.

HRM is about helping managers get the best out of their employees, and there are certain ways in which we can help you do just that.

At BCHR we provide HR solutions to organisations, and have been doing so since 1994, which was the summer England didn’t travel to the World Cup – we had some time on our hands as well and BCHR was formed.

BCHR is a UK human resources consultancy specialising in job evaluation, reward and remuneration, pay structures, career development, performance management, personnel policies, procedures and organisation design. We use the resources of a network of highly experienced HR consultants to provide comprehensive solutions to any human resources or personnel issue.

Some of the key areas that we could help you is Organisational Change.Organisations are always changing, and there are a variety of tools that we can use to help in this area, including SWOT analysis, the McKinsey 7-S approach, right-sizing, Organisation Analysis and Review (OAR), Inter-Accountability Analysis to name a few!

It was less then 12 months ago that Southgate was appointed England manager – look at the change since then! I barely remember the Allardyce debacle, and as for Roy…

Job Evaluation

All organisations need some means of deciding the pay of their staff. Job evaluation is an analytical tool to determine the relative size of jobs in the organisation and therefore provide a fair and objective basis for setting pay levels. It can help identify the appropriate number of grades or pay ranges and the relative differences between them.

The job evaluation process frequently involves job analysis, from which comprehensive job descriptions are produced. These are not only essential for job evaluation but are also valuable for recruitment and selection, training and development, HR planning, performance management and organisation review. They are also useful for a range of employment and contractual issues.

Reward and Grade Structures

Any organisation needs to ensure that it is able to attract and keep staff of the required calibre. This means ensuring that pay is at the right market rate, that the internal relativities are correct and that there is scope for rewarding performance and development.

England and Southgate have a significant reward structure in place, for one Southgate can finally move on from that miss in 1996!

We have substantial experience and are able to design and implement professional reward structures and bonus schemes based upon proper pay research. We can also include design and introduction of appropriate benefits packages.

Performance Management

It is important for any organisation to ensure that its employees carry out their roles to the standards required and this means that they need to be appropriately motivated and rewarded.

This is one of the key areas that Southgate deserves a lot of credit, this England team is motivated – communication from the boss downwards is vital.

We are able to design and introduce performance management schemes that will help to achieve the above aims. This includes designing processes for setting objectives and standards, appraising and rewarding performance and providing all supporting training.

Employment Law and Rights and Employment Policies and Procedures

Ok, this one is less relevant to England but you get the idea.

All organisations need sound and legally watertight employment policies and procedures. While some of these are a legal requirement others are important for the guidance and support of staff and to show that the employer is professional and concerned about staff welfare. Sound policies such as those relating to absence, can also help to ensure that staff perform well.

There is also a need to ensure that the organisation has sound employment relations and we are able to provide advice, guidance and training on a range of issues in this area, derived from many years’ experience of dealing with a variety of unions and their representatives

Career Development and Outplacement

 Now whatever happens in this World Cup, one thing is certain – Southgate has seriously underlined his credentials and I do not doubt that there will be a queue of clubs vying for his services. I hope that he stays though, at least until the next World Cup…

We are able to provide a range of support to organisations and individuals in career development and transition. This can include advice, guidance and training on career and lifestyle choices, CV preparation, conducting a job search, employment options, portfolio careers, self-employment, interview techniques etc.

Recruitment and Selection

This is an area where the FA have excelled – Southgate is doing a great job, and in turn, he has recruited a great team around him.  This recruitment policy is key to the success of this England team.

Attracting and retaining high quality staff is essential to the success of any business. We can assist with all aspects of the recruitment and selection process including:

  • Drafting job descriptions and person specifications
  • Identifying the appropriate advertising media
  • On–line selection
  • Executive search
  • CV and social media review
  • Psychometric testing
  • Assessment centre design
  • Shortlisting
  • Interviewing

We are able to provide support at any stage of the process and ensure that all aspects of it are legally compliant.

England face Sweden on Saturday, and for once I am confident. But what is more is that even if the unthinkable happens, I am still confident. Confident because England have a great manager, a manager who has changed the way England think, and can lead us to great achievements. He is an outstanding leader, a great communicator, and has built a real ‘team’ ethos – vital for any organisation.

Come on England – it’s coming home…..