Workplace investigations seem to be a popular topic at present. While our company’s main focus has been on job evaluation, reward management, outplacement, career development and transition we have also carried out a large number of workplace investigations, though we probably have not used that particular terminology. The investigations we have carried out, for example, have included claims of bullying and harassment against a company director, reviewing claims of unfair dismissal and false redundancy and reviewing equal pay claims. Of course the main point of a workplace investigation is to determine whether there is a case to answer, and not to act as judge and jury. In many of those we have undertaken previously our remit was not only to decide whether there was an issue, but also to resolve it. In this sense our past work may not fit the precise ACAS definition, but it’s near enough.

Recently we have successfully concluded an investigation in the workplace that was successfully resolved in-house, and saved the company money and protected them from a potentially damaging situation.

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