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With 20 years experience and counting, BCHR is a network of highly experienced HR consultants We aim to provide comprehensive solutions to any human resources or personnel issue.

Workplace Investigations…

July 29th, 2019|Comments Off on Workplace Investigations…

Workplace investigations seem to be a popular topic at present. While our company's main focus has been on job evaluation, reward management, outplacement, career development and transition we have also carried out a large number [...]

Job Evaluation- What is it?

September 18th, 2018|Comments Off on Job Evaluation- What is it?

  What is job evaluation? Job evaluation is the process of assessing the relative size of jobs in the organisation so that they can be placed in a rank order. It compares the size of [...]

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“I will present the revised report which is comprehensive and informative. Thank you for compiling a report which is fairly easy to understand but informative enough for decisions to be made at the highest level.”
Philip C, Chairman, Job Evaluation and Pay
“Many thanks indeed for your hard work and successful management of the hearings yesterday. I was delighted with way you managed the processes and the people during the day.”
“The advice on the various procedures in finding a new position has proved beneficial already. I have also presented the report that I was preparing when we spoke. This also appears to have been well-received – helped by your procedure suggestions.”