BCHR Ltd offers HR consulting services to firms in the public, private and voluntary sectors. Utilising a network of experienced consultants, BCHR Ltd specialises in job evaluation, remuneration and reward, career development, performance management and aspects of employment law.

The company draws on many years experience in human resources consulting to deliver successful and enduring HR policies, procedures and organisation restructuring programmes. Contact Us to discuss your company’s requirements.

Job evaluation and reward schemes

Job Evaluation

All organisations need some means of deciding the pay of their staff. Job evaluation is an analytical tool to determine the relative size of jobs in the organisation and therefore provide a fair and objective basis for setting pay levels.

Performance Management

Performance Management

It is important for any organisation to ensure that its employees carry out their roles to the standards required and this means that they need to be appropriately motivated and rewarded.

Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection

We have much experience and are able to design and implement professional reward structures and bonus schemes based upon proper pay research investigations.

Employment Law and Rights

Employment Law

All organisations need sound and legally watertight employment policies and procedures. While some of these are a legal requirement others are important for the guidance and support of staff and to show that the employer is professional and concerned about staff welfare.

Organisation Change, Stratagies & Restructuring

Organisation Design

Organisations are in a constant state of change and this is essential for survival. It is vital that the organisation continuously reviews its people, processes and structure. There are a number of techniques and approaches that can be used to assist in this.

Career Development

Career Development

We are able to provide a range of support to organisations and individuals in career development and transition. This can include advice, guidance and training on career and lifestyle choices, CV preparation, employment options, portfolio careers, self-employment, interviews etc.

Workplace Investigations

We are able to investigate all workplace scenarios, including complex and difficult cases through to simple disputes. We aim to find the most simple solution including informal workplace resolutions and mediation, to supporting you through to employment tribunals.