Employment Law and Rights

Employment Law and Rights

Employment Policies and Procedures

All organisations need sound and legally watertight employment policies and procedures. While some of these are a legal requirement others are important for the guidance and support of staff and to show that the employer is professional and concerned about staff welfare. Sound policies such as those relating to absence, can also help to ensure that staff perform well.

There is also a need to ensure that the organisation has sound employment relations and we are able to provide advice, guidance and training on a range of issues in this area, derived from many years’ experience of dealing with a variety of unions and their representatives. Contact Us for more details.

Many thanks indeed for your hard work and successful management of the hearings yesterday. I was delighted with way you managed the processes and the people during the day.
David, G
Thank you for sparing me so much of your time and giving me your excellent advice.
Anna, G
Please pass on my sincere thanks to Barry, who called me precisely on time and was very helpful indeed.
Chris, F
I am very grateful for all of the excellent advice that you have given.
JGR, Solicitors
It was good to meet you at the IoD and I am sure you would be glad to know that your advice was very useful and the situation is now resolved. Our new PA starts on Tuesday, thank goodness!
Julie, F
I really appreciated your general guidance and also your specific, extremely helpful advice.
Krystyana, N

Our Experience

Disciplinary issue in a contracts consultancy

In 2015 a small company working in the engineering contracts sector was experiencing problems with the performance of one of the Company’s directors. In particular they had received several complaints of bullying and harassment. The issue was complicated by the fact that the director in question had been with the company many years and was also a major shareholder. We carried out a thorough investigation of the allegations, interviewed company employees and the director in question, reviewed all relevant emails and company documents and then produced a report recommending an appropriate course of action. Our findings were accepted by the Company.

Chairing disciplinary appeals for a firm of solicitors
On several occasions we have been asked to chair disciplinary appeal panels on behalf of a firm of solicitors.

Redundancy support for Alton Towers
We supported the management of Alton Towers in the drafting of a union recognition agreement, in negotiations with unions and in agreeing the redundancy terms for over 100 employees including some shop stewards.

Institute of Directors (1998 ongoing)
The HR Advisory Service to members of the Institute of Directors includes advising on a wide variety of employment issues. See comments below.

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