Job Evaluation and Reward Schemes

Job Evaluation

All organisations need some means of deciding the pay of their staff. Job evaluation is an analytical tool to determine the relative size of jobs in the organisation and therefore provide a fair and objective basis for setting pay levels. It can help identify the appropriate number of grades or pay ranges and the relative differences between them.

The job evaluation process frequently involves job analysis, from which comprehensive job descriptions are produced. These are not only essential for job evaluation but are also valuable for recruitment and selection, training and development, HR planning, performance management and organisation review. They are also useful for a range of employment and contractual issues. Contact Us for details of our job evaluation services.

Client Views

Thanks for your good work on this. Prompt and professional.
Philip C, Chairman
I will present the revised report which is comprehensive and informative. Thank you for compiling a report which is fairly easy to understand but informative enough for decisions to be made at the highest level.
Dennise F
I just wanted to thank you for being a really good chairman yesterday. We all appreciated your input.
Lesley S
I had a meeting earlier this week with the Chairman and let me first of all confirm how impressed we were with the work which Barry has been doing.
Ian W
We were very pleased with your report and extremely grateful for the work that you have done.
Noel H
May I extend my thanks for the efficient way in which you handled this assignment. I hope there will be other opportunities when we can work together in the future.
James D PKF
Thank you very much for getting these to us so promptly. I am most grateful.
David French, Chief Executive

Reward and Grade Structures

Any organisation needs to ensure that it is able to attract and keep staff of the required calibre. This means ensuring that pay is at the right market rate, that the internal relativities are correct and that there is scope for rewarding performance and development.

We have substantial experience and are able to design and implement professional reward structures and bonus schemes based upon proper pay research. We can also include design and introduction of appropriate benefits packages.

Our Experience

We have carried out at least 50 projects related to job evaluation and pay, some examples follow below:

In 2015 we were asked to introduce a job evaluation scheme and design a pay structure for a charity with some 2000 employees nationally, all paid at different rates and without any mechanism for comparing jobs. We provided job description questionnaires to elicit job information, trained internal staff in our job evaluation method, evaluated a benchmark sample of jobs, compared the pay of a range of jobs at different levels with similar jobs in comparable sectors and then designed a suitable pay structure.
We are currently undertaking the same process as described above for a company in the transportation and logistics sector. This company also has no basis for comparing jobs and has undermined the internal relativities within the company by regularly adding bonuses and overtime to base pay, whether or not these were earned, thereby creating a contractual entitlement. This has resulted in a complex pay structure which is hard to manage. We have proposed changes that should resolve these issues.
In 2008 we were asked to design a job evaluation scheme, new pay structure and revised employment contract for the 500,000 school support staff in England. We were awarded the contract because we were able to provide expertise not just in job evaluation and pay, but also in employment law, and we also had significant experience of working with trades unions.

We were required to work with and report to a 30 person steering group including representatives of employers, trades unions and various professional bodies, plus other working parties and sub-committees. We had numerous meetings with different groups and individuals and undertook extensive paperwork research. Our report include a new employment contract, a new job evaluation scheme and pay structure plus outline job descriptions and job family matrices for all the jobs reviewed, which went some way beyond our original brief but was useful information collected during the research phase. The 250 page report was accepted by the Department with only minor amendments.

  • Development and implementation of reward strategy for a police force.
  • Development of a Code of Guiding Principles on senior level salaries in the voluntary sector.
  • Pay survey for large financial services organisation.
  • Development of new pay structure for a large manufacturing company.

Past Projects

  • Design and introduction of new job evaluation schemes.
  • Design and introduction of job families.
  • Job analysis and assistance with introduction of new pay structures.

Job Evaluation Clients

  • Anglian Water
  • Catch 22
  • The Donkey Sanctuary
  • Department for Education
  • Marie Curie
  • Newham Homes
  • SCIE

Client Results

  • All job evaluation and pay structures designed in last five years still operating.
  • Installed over sixty job evaluation schemes using four systems.
  • Retained by many clients to maintain certain job evaluation schemes, eg: Hay.
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