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Organisation Change, Strategies & Restructuring

The only permanent thing is change

Organisations are in a constant state of change and this is essential for survival. It is vital that the organisation continuously reviews its people, processes and structure. There are a number of techniques and approaches that can be used to assist in this, including: SWOT analysis, the McKinsey 7-S approach, right-sizing, Organisation Analysis and Review (OAR), Inter-Accountability Analysis, Best Value, BPR, PPBS, TQM, ISR etc.

We have significant experience of applying, and in some cases designing, a range of such techniques and of undertaking reviews of the total organisation. Contact Us for more details.

Our Experience

Review of HR function for a NHS Trust
In 2007-8 we were asked to review the Human Resources function for an NHS Trust. The project had actually been commenced by another consultancy but had run into difficulties because of complex internal politics. We were able to pick up the reins and successfully complete the review despite some powerful internal opposition and a lack of co-operation in some quarters. The function had not been operating effectively because of a lack of firm central direction and divided loyalties. We were able to identify the issues and recommend workable solutions which were implemented by the Trust.

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