Staff performance and appraisals

Performance Management

It is important for any organisation to ensure that its employees carry out their roles to the standards required and this means that they need to be appropriately motivated and rewarded.

We are able to design and introduce performance management schemes that will help to achieve the above aims. This includes desiging processes for setting objectives and standards, appraising and rewarding performance and providing all supporting training.

Thank you for the forms and guidance notes for the introduction of the Individual Performance Review process. I think it looks really good
A.H Chief Executive

Our Experience

We have designed and introduced a several performance appraisal schemes and related performance or contribution pay structures.

Introduction of a Performance Review Process into an NHS Trust
We were asked to introduce an Individual performance review scheme based on staff feedback, into an NHS Trust. To get employee views about the kind of content they wanted to see we first help a series of expert panels or focus groups. The views of the staff were then incorporated into the performance criteria, provided these were consistent with management objectives and overall aims and objectives of the Trust. We then designed all required forms and procedures and trained staff in the process.

Performance management implemented for a range of clients

  • Development and implementation of performance management for organisations in NHS, financial services and government agencies.
  • Design and introduction of performance-related pay (PRP)
  • Review and design of bonus incentive schemes.
  • Training in setting objectives, managing, appraising and reviewing performance.
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